What is Oak Park Mutual Aid?

Oak Park Mutual Aid is a volunteer-driven organization out of Oak Park, IL that is working to help our neighbors in the Oak Park area (including immediate neighboring communities) who have been especially hard hit by COVID and its consequences. Since the beginning of this quarantine, we have provided support in the form of food boxes, cash donations, to those who have reached out asking for aid. Needs continue to be persistent in our community. Learn more about us at https://oakparkmutualaid.com

What is “Holiday Crafts for Mutual Aid”?

This is an event that is being hosted by volunteers for Oak Park Mutual Aid (OPMA). Because quarantine restrictions have compromised the ability of crafters to sell their wares in more traditional, face-to-face formats, OPMA is hosting an online or virtual craft fair where vendors will get a chance to sell their products from December 5th to December 13th, and donate part of their sales—committing to a minimum of 10%—to OPMA.

How does the online craft fair work?

The “fair” will be live on OakParkMutualAidCraftFair.com and will allow vendors to sell their products from a dedicated space, getting as close to the feel of an in-person craft fair as possible. Each vendor will have their own online space to showcase their wares. At the same time, shoppers will be able to browse products and make purchases from a single location. Payments will be processed centrally and then vendors (that’s you!) will be paid out.

How do I get paid?

Vendors MUST HAVE a PayPal account. Payments will be processed centrally through the website and will be paid out at regular intervals throughout the duration of the fair.

What do I get paid?

From the sale of your product, OPMA will deduct from the total sale at the donation rate you have committed to; the vendor (you) will also be charged the processing fee, which is 2.9% of the sale + $0.30. (FYI, PayPal’s rate of 2.9% + $.30 is comparable to other credit card processers such as Square.)

So, for instance, for a sale of $10 when a vendor has committed to donating 10% to OPMA:
The vendor makes $10 – {$1 (donation rate of 10% x $10) + $0.29 (processing fee 2.9% x $10) + $0.30 (transaction fee)} = $8.41. OPMA will get $1.00 from this sale.

We urge you to set your pricing and your donation commitments to OPMA accordingly.

What will OPMA do in its role as the facilitator of the craft fair?

Oak Park Mutual Aid will:

  • Use its network of volunteers and friends to promote the event on social and more traditional media.
  • Build an easily navigable website including a custom online store where customers can find your product easily.
  • Pay for the domain OakParkMutualAidCraftFair.com and the hosting of the website.
  • Coordinate with vendors and provide technical help to vendors and customers.

What do I have to do as a vendor?

You will be responsible for:

  • Registering as a vendor and then following up via email.
  • Setting up your own “booth” or “shop” by posting pictures, description, and pricing.
  • Making clear on your booth or shop what your inventory and delivery policies are.
  • Keeping your own records to file appropriate taxes. (The craft fair website will not be charging customers or deducting from your sales any taxes.)
  • Making sure that customers get their products. Products have to be picked up or delivered if local, or postmarked if being shipped, by December 15. You will set your own delivery/pickup/ and shipping policies, but transactions have to be resolved and on their way by December 15.

How does a customer get my product?

Since you choose your delivery options, we request that you make it very clear what delivery options work for you—if you need customers to pick up from an Oak Park address, for instance, or you only deliver to the OPRF area, or if you’d rather not ship, please make these clear on your store description etc. You will be communicating directly with customers about how to get their goods.

I am interested. What’s next?

Please fill out this Google form, letting us know about your shop, and at what tier you’d like to donate to Oak Park Mutual Aid. When you are approved, you will have access to a WordPress dashboard where you can upload information about your products. Please continue to reach out to Madhurima Chakraborty or Kris Stokes at OakParkMutualAidCraftFair@gmail.com with any of your questions.